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The Lips

“The Lips” are an accomplished independent garage/punk duo from Oakland, New Jersey. “The Lips” started out as an experimental side project consisting of mostly electronic music in May of 2009, but has changed drastically since. Having won more than 20 songwriting awards worldwide, and focusing on extremely raw songwriting and production, it is only a matter of time until “The Lips” are recognized as one of the great independent artists of recent memory.

“…Their diversity of sound, which accounts for the band’s appeal to a wide range of fans, has a minimalist style that marries sound and lyrics…” The Oakland Journal ”

…It’s a brilliant, sometimes controversial and always catchy production of sounds and I love it. This isn’t just the work of a musician, it’s the work of an artist, and I mean that…” Idle and the Bear ”

…This band is a band you should NOT pass up, no matter what the situation. Buy their album, and see them live. I promise, you will become a fan…” Punk Bands on the Rise ”

…This music is unbelievable. It’s very seldom you discover a band like ‘The Lips.’ It’s very seldom you find a band that has all the tools…” Only the Best Music Here ”

…A perfect reason to listen to independent music…” Indie Alternative Rock ”

…The mix of garage/punk and electronic/pop anchor a sound that relates to the audience through deep lyrics and emotional singing. Songwriter/front man Anthony M. Laido has created an original sound that brings to minds the early work of John Lennon and Kurt Cobain…” The Real Musician ”

…A mix of a lot of different genres such as pop, garage, rock, electro, that flow melodically…” The Riffs Scout ”

…You might not understand ‘The Lips’ at first. You might not understand the attitude. You might not understand the ripped jeans, the sunglasses, the plaid shirts, or even the way their music is recording with limited production. What you will understand after giving this band a chance, is that they may be the next band to change rock ‘n’ roll…” Basement Music 4 U

The single off their upcoming self titled debut will be released in early September through Lillian Records. 

Lillian Records: Free Music For Everyone
“Caged Inside” Single:

Flashback: Hybrid Theory

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Music

The other day i decided to listen to the soundtrack of my 4th and 5th grade: Linkin Park’s amazing album Hybrid Theory.  Even 10+ years later, I still know all the words, down to the background singing and raps.  Its amazing how the brain can remember that kind of stuff.  Its also amazing, to me anyway, that the best way for me to remember the past, is by listening to the same music as was playing at the time.  The memories become more vivid, and lost memories come out of the shadows.

In The End


Artist Spotlight: The Cat Empire

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Music

Genre: Ska/Reggae


This chill reggae band has a strong Cuban feel, that sets it apart from a lot of other bands.  My favorite part (call me bias) is the raspy trumpet, who really adds to the color of the songs. 

(Be patient, the song starts at 0:42)

The Chariot

Genre: Post/Noise Rock



This band is not for everyone.  But people who are patient with it, and listen intently to the instruments, will realize that this band is exceptional.  From the bass drum rudiments, to the intense, scratchy guitar riffs, this band creates a rare sound that is hard to come by.  In the track below, you’ll hear a song that grows and progresses as it goes. After the craziness and delayed ending, you look back and think, “what the hell just happened, that was amazing”.  So for people that appreciate complex, unique music, this band is amazing. Check them out

Uncontrollable Like A Teenage Daughter

Artist Spotlight: Story of the Year

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Music

Genre: Hardcore


Alright so this band surprised me.  I admit i judged them too quickly when i first heard of them.  I assumed they were some whiney screamo band who wore tight jeans and complained about problems that they themselves caused in their lives.  So i was pleasantly surprised when i first really heard their music.  Some of it borders on metalcore with an intense, manly screamer.  Some of it is almost like a heavy alternative.  Its got a really good feel, something that you can really rock out to.  Good drummer, solid riffs.  Check them out.  Unlike my first impression, theyre not a lame screamo band, theyre actually pretty good.

Wake Up

Genre: Rock


Remember Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch?

Well she grew up quite nicely.  Her real name is Taylor Momsen

And Taylor is the lead singer of a band called The Pretty Reckless, an edgy rock group from New York.   To me, this band is the equivalent of The White Stripes, if Avril Lavigne was their lead singer, and had a smokier voice.


My Medicine

Artist Spotlight: We Came As Romans

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Music

Genre: Metalcore


I found out about this band a couple weeks ago, and they really hit me with their unique sound.  It sounds like a mix of August Burns Red

and Enter Shikari

(if you threw small traces of Auto Tune in).  I love their intensity and talent, and look forward to seeing them at Warped Tour 2011.


Broken Statues